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The entire image will be printed, but with white borders, as below.
What does this mean?

The image will be cropped so only the selected part will be printed.
Click here for help using the cropping tool

30406251 - qxzyzwdjhc

All images remain the copyright of Express & Star Ltd.

Their sale is also strictly restricted to private use only and they cannot be printed from the screen, reproduced, distributed, used on the internet or published in any publication, or used for any commercial purpose without the written consent from Express & Star Ltd. When you place an order for a photograph you automatically agree to these terms.


30406251 - qxzyzwdjhc

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Usually photographs are not exactly the same size as standard prints. This means we either have to crop the edges of the photo off, or add white borders around the photo to make it fit into the print.

Once you have decided whether you want to fit or crop your photo, click 'Buy Now'.

Crop Photo
(Trim Edges)
Crop Options
Fit Photo
(Add Borders)

To crop the photo, click and drag to select the area of the photo you would like to be printed, as shown in the following video:

When you select a product from the list, the cropping tool is automatically switched on.

To see the cropping tool in action, click here.

The part of the photo that will be printed is highlighted), and the parts of the photo that will be cropped are darkened. You can flip the selection box so it is either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizonatal):

Crop Options
Crop Portrait Crop Landscape

If you don't want to trim the photo, you will have to select the 'fit' option, which prints the entire photo by adding borders above & below, or to the left & right, depending on the size of the photo.

Below are two examples of how the final print might look (most prints will not have such large borders):

Portait Fit Landscape Fit

If you do not want to have white borders, you will have to use the crop option to select the portion of the photo you would like to be printed.